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Smart & Powerful Functions

Multiple Theme - Centralised Controlled

Flexible Configuration

User Accessibility Check

Interactive Marketing System

Complete Game Eco-System

Smart User Monitoring

Finance Alert System

Marketing Analysis System

Risk Control System

Proven System Architecture

High Speed CDN Nodes

SSL Certificate

High Capability Defensive System

Distributed Cluster Service

Proven System Architecture

Professional IT Support

Market & Sales Support

Product Development Support

Security Support

Cutting-edge and Comprehensive Agent Module

Affiliate Program

Empower every member to become a site ambassador, allowing users to effortlessly generate and share referral codes to invite friends and earn amazing rewards.

Unlimited Pyramid Agent Mode

Promotion code commissions and fixed percentage commissions, with customizable percentage ratios, ensure a continuous flow of income for your agent network!

Unlimited Split Commision

Set monthly KPI targets and rewards for each agent level, encouraging continuous expansion and development until the objectives are met.

Powerful and Flexible Marketing Module

Promotions Campaign Customization

Develop optimal promotions campaigns based on different objectives and target groups, with flexible criteria and rewards, ensuring that each target enjoys the most personalized promotion.

Member Level Settings

Intelligent classification based on member spending and frequency, offering tailored discounts and incentives at each tier, ensuring a differentiated and rewarding experience to increase user stickiness and loyalty.

Multi-Dimension Promotional Mechanism

The multi-dimension promotional mechanism allows players, members, agents and other groups to enjoy exclusive offers and rewards to optimize the effectiveness of promotions and maximize profits.

Most Innovative Game Module

Exclusive Partner Controllable Kill Rate: Min and Max Margins

Enable you to have full control over profit margins, ensuring consistent and sustainable site earnings.

Task Center

Advanced task center for research and development, where you can assign designated tasks and rewards to allow players to earn extra rewards and benefits by completing tasks such as deposits.

Highly Flexible Game Layout and Categorized Search

Presenting the finest game content and recommendations based on market or player demands and preferences.

Highly efficient deposit and withdrawal module

Comprehensive multi-channel deposit and withdrawal module, supporting cryptocurrencies and 4th party payment method for seamless transactions.

We offer a highly efficient multi-channel deposit and withdrawal system, support cryptocurrency and 4th party payment gateway, to ensure the seamless and secure flow of your transactions. Our exclusive payment solutions allow for hassle-free and pleasant operations.

Grouping and VIP special payment methods

Accurate customer grouping to maximize profits, with the flexibility to create custom segments and personalize payment settings. Effectively manage your customers by assigning different payment methods and setting specific payment thresholds based on customer types and criteria.

Wager and Audit

Precise wagering limits and auditing mechanisms are indispensable security measures, ensuring the safety of your account, maintaining a secure platform operation, and preventing any malicious activities.

The Most Comprehensive Compliance Module

License Application

Professional gaming license application services help you quickly obtain a legal gaming license to ensure that your gaming brand operates in compliance within the market, enhancing user trust and brand reputation.

Responsible Gaming

This is one of the necessary features to apply for a gaming license. It not only helps players to participate in games of their own choice, but also to maintain a rational and healthy mindset.


Support in the detection and management of malicious players and fraudulent behavior, ensuring the fairness and security of the games. Protect the interests of members and the platform, preventing the brand from being associated with any illicit activities.