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Partnership Procedure

Expressed Co-operation Intention

Contact Youbet Customer Service Department to express your interest of co-operation.

Understand Fee Structure

A copy of partnership detail where the fee structure will be provided to you. Please ensure your are well aware of the fee structure.

Agreement Signing

After your acceptance of the fees and profit-sharing rate, Youbet Group will forward you the agreement for signing.

Initial Payment

Once the agreement has been executed, you will need to make the initial payment (Site license fee, monthly service fee and etc) before scheduling of implementation.

Selection of Theme

Make your choice of theme and template known to Youbet Technical Team, together with related design and content so to commence developing your site.

Website Design and Deployment

Creation of the site according to your requirements and preferences while backend platform configuration ready for deployment.

Official Launch

After the initial 15 days internal testing and upon completion will have your site officially launched. At the same provide 1 to 1 VIP Support Service.